Branded Donation Pages

Easily create a customized donation page for your campaign by adding your logo, cover image and description.

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Customizable Items

We realize that you have all sorts of activities that you need to receive money for, not just for donations. Donation Box gives you the ability to setup any number of customizable items and add them to your campaign. These items could be tickets for an event or for a product like a t-shirts.


Giving Portal

When a donor gives, they can optionally set a password after their transaction is complete. This allows them to easily give in the future without having to re-enter their information. They also can view their donation history and manage their recurring subscriptions.

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Recurring Giving

Donors can easily set up and manage monthly giving. Your staff can quickly view all recurring transactions across all your donors and can see recurring donations for each donor.

Plus these great features!


Bank Transfers

Save on card fees by letting your donors easily connect their bank account.

End of year statements

Giving Statements

A beautiful overview with everything your donors need for their tax filings.

Low transaction fees

Low Transaction Fees

Designed from the start to get the lowest transaction fees possible.


Contact Details

Quickly view donor details and know how much they've given.


Email Notifications

Know when someone has donated so you can personally thank them.


Quality Support

We are here to serve you and love supporting our customers.

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