A Passion for Giving

We love non-profits and are passionate about working with them to see their projects come to a success. Having spend years working with and in non-profit organizations, we know the importance of easy, efficient and personal donation systems.

Our company was founded with a mission to save non-profits on fundraising costs and donation processing time by providing the ability for donors easily use bank transfers to give instead of just a credit card option and have built an easy to use app for you to manage your donations.

We believe that giving should go to support your organization and not a financial system and we believe your time should go to your project, not unneccesary administration.

Donation Box is brought to you by


Eric Jones


Eric has been serving Data Imagery's clients with custom built apps and websites for over 12 years including many non-profits.


Joshua de Lange

Designer / Developer

Joshua has been working with non-profits for over 7 years as project manager and software developer to improve their internal workflows.

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